Utah Gun Laws

Utah Gun Laws

Utah State Gun And Self-Defense Laws: YOU MUST ABIDE WITH ALL LAWS: STATE, FEDERAL AND LOCAL. Always Consult An Attorney      

Rifles & Shotguns Handguns
Permit to Purchase NO NO
Registration of Firearms NO NO
Licensing of Owners NO NO
Permit to Carry NO YES*

* A permit is required to carry a concealed weapon


State Self-Defense Law Review: Always Consult An Attorney

Duty to retreat before using Deadly force outside of Special Places


Crimes Justifying use of Deadly Force outside of Special Places

Aggravated assault, mayhem, aggravated murder, murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, aggravated kidnapping, rape, forcible sodomy, Rape of a child, object rape, object rape of a child, sexual abuse of a child, aggravated sexual abuse of a child, Aggravated sexual assault, arson, robbery, and burglary including burglary of an occupied building

Duty to Retreat when occupying special Places - Special places Mentioned in Statute such as Home, Workplace, Occupied Vehicle

No -  Habitation, dwelling

Presumption of Reasonableness in Special Places - Unlawful Acts justifying use of Deadly Force in Special Places

Yes - Assault or personal violence or a felony in the habitation

Immunity from Civil liability

Yes, if person injured is committing a felony against defender, Does not apply if felon has “clearly retreated”

Notable Provisions of this State's Self-Defense Law



How to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit in Utah


Concealed Firearms permits in the State of Utah are regulated by the Bureau of Criminal Identification.  A permit to carry a concealed firearm in the State of Utah may be obtained by completing the instructions, and meeting the requirements as outlined on Form 96-4-02 Application for Concealed Firearm Permit.

The application fees for the CFP (CCW) is $46.00 for in state applicants and $51.00 for out of state applicants.

All applicants must take a Utah state approved training class from an approved instructor.

This is a link to the list of authorized instructors, CLICK HERE:

For any questions for the BCI Firearms Division, you may contact them by phone:  (801) 965-4445